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Prestige guarantees the best soft fruit of the highest quality, with the best flavour, grown and hand-picked in the Netherlands. Discover our soft fruit product range.

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At Prestige, our affiliated growers are the discerning factors behind our soft fruit: driven professionals with a green thumb and generations of expertise. The key words in the cultivation of fruit are: season, nature, attention and growth. It is only by taking these aspects into careful consideration that you will be able to obtain the best results. Only the absolute highest quality of soft fruit, produced by the best growers and picked at the perfect point in time can satisfy the high-quality standards maintained by Prestige.

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Traditional craftsmanship

Nature is our treasure trove; our growers are our capital. Performing at the peak of excellence, they succeed every day in growing and handling Prestige products with the greatest possible care, attention and expertise.

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