Basis for perfection

Maurits van der Vooren – Latour*

Maurits van der Vooren

Maurits van der Vooren is a sous-chef and food designer, and works for restaurant Latour* at hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. He practically learned the profession of patissier at his mother’s knee. “We have to enjoy our loveliest seasons.”

“The fruit supplied by Prestige smiles at me.”

Basis for perfection

Maurits van der Vooren stems from a family of professional bakers. His parents and grandparents ran a bakery and patisserie, which was founded in 1918. “Patisserie is simply in my genes. I started helping at the bakery as a young child. There was nothing that enthralled me more than watching my parents decorating a delicious strawberry cake with jelly. These are the flavours and products that I liked best. It was here that I learned at an early age that your result will never be optimal if you do not use ingredients of the highest possible quality.”

The highest quality standard

As a sous-chef, he is also involved in making pastry products for Latour. This means performing at the highest possible level, which is precisely what appeals to Van der Vooren. “I could have taken over the bakery, but I wanted to achieve my highest possible potential. In our profession, this means cooking at star level. I aim to develop further in this area. This is why the Prestige label is so well-suited to us. The growers at Prestige also strive to attain the highest possible standards in quality and presentation.’’

“If I place an order for Prestige fruit today, I can be assured of working with a perfect product tomorrow.”

Consistent quality

In a starred restaurant, it goes without saying that every dish is perfect down to the smallest details. This is precisely why Van der Vooren is so enthusiastic about the quality provided by Prestige. “For fruit, it is extremely important that the flavour, texture and appearance are all perfect. It has to be deliciously soft and sweet, and a little shiny, without any imperfections or blemishes. When an order of Prestige fruit is delivered, it seems as if it smiles at me. That is exactly what I’m after in terms of presentation. Not only that, it is a consistent quality standard, on which I can rely. If I place an order for Prestige fruit today, I can be assured of working with a perfect product tomorrow. Quality like this sparks my creativity and reduces stress in the kitchen.”

The taste of the season

Van der Vooren enjoys the seasons in the Netherlands when fruit is at its best. “Nature: that is the basis. We are located near the sea. You can see what’s swimming in it and what is plentifully available. We always keep an eye out for products that are at their peak in the Netherlands. Seasonal products are what defines a season. I do not serve strawberries in winter. This makes things more challenging for you, as a chef. You have to keep an eye on what is in season, and change your repertoire accordingly. This stimulates your creativity. Of course, this is also reflected in lower prices. You can source strawberries from Spain, but they are not as sweet. You should just be happy that we have such lovely seasonal products in the Netherlands, and enjoy them when they are at their best. In winter, cranberries are abundant, so these are the best fruit to work with then. And, when summer approaches, you can look forward to working with the fruit of that season.”

For every level

“Strawberries are probably my favourite fruit. I prepare them at home for my children sometimes. Eaten traditionally, with whipped cream: they love them like that. This simple combination is wonderful… With the high quality provided by Prestige in terms of taste and presentation, every chef, at every level, can create a fantastic dish. Easy does not necessarily have to mean complex.”