A pleasure to grow

Bormans Soft Fruit

Maurice and Chantal Bormans are among the growers that supply raspberries to Prestige. They grow one hectare of Tulameen raspberries and three hectares of Kwanza raspberries.

Maurice Bormans: “We instantly fell in love with this crop when we visited a raspberry farm. We both found the way in which the fruit develops on the plant beautiful to see. I believe that the work you do has to suit you. You need to be able to work accurately when you grow raspberries and strawberries, and that is exactly what I do best. Everything has to be in top shape and carried out according to a well-structured regimen. Of course, the quality of your product has to be perfect. This is our goal. Our raspberries are beautiful products and we still find them a pleasure to grow, each and every day.”