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At Prestige, our affiliated growers are the discerning factor behind our soft fruit: driven professionals with a green thumb and generations of expertise. The key words in the cultivation of fruit are: season, nature, attention and growth. It is only by taking these aspects into careful consideration that you will be able to obtain the best results. Only the absolute highest quality of soft fruit, produced by the best growers and picked at the perfect point in time can satisfy the high quality standards maintained by Prestige. And that is good news for professionals in the food service industry.


There is only one quality label for soft fruit on which food professionals can rely. The Prestige label guarantees the best soft fruit of the highest quality, bursting with flavour. We simply can’t be satisfied with less. Hand-picked in the Netherlands at the very best moment. Chefs, bakers and pastry chefs can be assured that Prestige will help them turn their style into their signature.

The best fruit of the highest quality, bursting with flavour.

Grown in the Netherlands

All our fruit is grown in the Netherlands.

Bursting with flavour

Prestige fruit is always given plenty of time for its flavour to fully develop.

Highest quality

The Prestige label is reserved for only the very best portion of the best growers’ harvests.


Prestige fruit is selected and picked exclusively by hand.

Signature of the growers

When you prepare dishes with Prestige soft fruit in your kitchen, the signature of our growers translates into a superlative aroma, flavour and texture. A reliable basis for perfect preparation, which allows culinary professionals to direct their full attention to adding unique value to the products they prepare: their signature.


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Dutch fruit

All fruit sold under the Prestige label is grown in the Netherlands: locally, freshly picked and in season. This approach ensures a short chain from the farm to your plate, and guarantees superlative flavour and quality.

Knowledge and expertise

Prestige is a FruitMasters brand. FruitMasters is a cooperation of top-class growers who collectively guarantee an exceptional range of products based on shared knowledge and expertise.


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