Our blackberries

The soft, sweet blackberry, with its distinctive depth and sweetness of fragrance, is actually composed of multiple small fruits, or achenes. The moment of harvesting is crucial to the quality of the blackberry. Only when given sufficient time to attain full growth will blackberries be at their best. Prestige blackberries are picked at just the right point in time to guarantee the perfect blackberry flavour.

Prestige characteristics

  • Open Achenes

  • Uniform Colour Of Achenes

  • Shiny Colour

Several varieties

Loch Tay

Flavour: sweet
Cultivation: indoors
Availability: April – May

Loch Ness

Flavour: sweet, yet acidic
Cultivation: indoors, outdoors (covered)
Availability: April – November


Flavour: sweet
Cultivation: outdoors (covered)
Availability: August – September

Nutrient value per 100g:

Energy 154 kJ / 37 kcal
Fats 0,2 g
Of which saturated 0,0 g
Carbohydrates 5,1 g
Of which sugars 5,1 g
Nutrient fibre 3,1 g
Proteins 0,9 g
Salt < 0,1 g

Our promise

We provide a 48-hour quality guarantee, starting on the evening of the relevant auction day. Impeccable quality and taste.

Our advice

Store our fruit between 2 and 5° Celsius. To ensure the best flavour, take the fruit out of the refrigerator well before use to enable it to reach room temperature.


 30,00 excl. btw