Our blackcurrants

Apart from having the most well-known refreshing flavour of our berry assortment, blackcurrants also have a savoury tone. Blackcurrants are also known as cassis berries as this is one of the flavour indications. When processed, blackcurrants give a nice dark purple colour when processed, for example in sauces and gels.

Prestige characteristics

  • Green Sprigs With Full Bunches

  • Crunchy Flesh

  • Smooth Little Fruits


Flavour: sweet and sour / savoury
Cultivation: Tunnels
Available: July-August

Our promise

We provide a 48-hour quality guarantee, starting on the evening of the relevant auction day. Impeccable quality and taste.

Our advice

Store our fruit between 2 and 5° Celsius. To ensure the best flavour, take the fruit out of the refrigerator well before use to enable it to reach room temperature.


 50,00 excl. btw