White raspberries

Our white raspberries

White raspberries, also known as yellow raspberries, are a bit smaller than regular red raspberries. They have the same velvety structure and an aromatic sweet flavour. Prestige only cultivates white summer raspberries, so harvesting is done in the months of July and August.

Prestige characteristics

  • Fresh, Light-Yellow Colour

  • Dry Grains

  • Smooth Grain Structure


Flavour: aromatic sweet
Cultivation: Tunnels
Availability: July-August

Our promise

We provide a 48-hour quality guarantee, starting on the evening of the relevant auction day. Impeccable quality and taste.

Our advice

Store our fruit between 2 and 5° Celsius. To ensure the best flavour, take the fruit out of the refrigerator well before use to enable it to reach room temperature.

White raspberries

 50,00 excl. btw