Blackberry rue violet almond

Jurgen Koens - Pastryclub

Blackberry purée with rue

1 kg sweet, ripe Prestige blackberries
8.5 g rue
7 g violet leaves
25 g dextrose

Mix all the ingredients and blend until completely smooth.
Sieve and cool in the refrigerator right away.

Black almond biscuits

20 g almond meal
10 g black pearl cacaopoeder (zwart)
90 g flour
1 g lemon zest
60 g egg white
0.5 g salt
100 g sugar
40 g egg yolk
10 g olive oil
12 g Cacoa Nibs XS

Mix the almond meal, cacao powder, flour and zest.
Whip the egg white with salt until fluffy. Add sugar in 3 parts and whip until the foam begins to shine. Turn the machine to a low setting, add the yolk and stir briefly.
Use a spatula to mix in the dry ingredient mixture first followed by the oil. Spread a 0.3 cm layer onto a silicon baking mat and sprinkle with nibs. Bake for 7 minutes in a hot-air oven at 210°C. Cool on a grille and sprinkle with sugar. Cut out circles of 4 cm diameter.

Violet lime cream

90 g lime juice
410 g cream
120 g egg yolk
90 g sugar
5 g violet leaves
5 g gelatine + 25 g cold water

Mix all the ingredients except the gelatine. Heat the mixture while stirring to 84°C until it thickens slightly. Take off the heat, add the soaked gelatine, stir until smooth and sieve. Add 2/3 of the mass to silicon bombe mats of 3 cm diameter and freeze slightly. Put the remaining mass in a container. Stir until smooth and spray to finish the dish.

Blackberry rue mousse

180 g whipping cream 40%
20 g egg white
10 g sugar
200 g blackberry purée with rue
25 g sugar
4 g gelatine + 20 g cold water
100 g Mirror Glaze
5 g beet juice

Whip up the whipping cream until firm. Whip up the egg white until fluffy. Add 10 g sugar and whip until the egg white develops a shine. Heat the purée with 25 grams sugar to 60°C. Take off the heat and add the soaked gelatine. Allow to cool until 25°C. Carefully mix in the egg white with a spatula followed by the whipping cream. Spray the mousse into the mould until half-full. Press in the cream and top with the biscuit. Freeze lightly. Heat the Mirror Glaze to 35°C and add the beet juice.
Separate the tartlet and dip it into the mirror glaze. Place in the refrigerator.

Violet crumble

10 g violet candy
100 g freeze-dried yoghurt pieces

Pulverise the candy to a powder using the thermomixer.
Add the yoghurt pieces and pulverize briefly.

Blackberry meringue

100 g blackberry purée with rue
5 g cabernet sauvignon vinegar
140 g Silvia powder
2 g Albumin

Mix the ingredients and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Whip up the mixture until fluffy. Use a mould to spread various sizes of circles onto a silicon baking mat and spray stalks on the side. Completely dry out the meringue at 100°C until crunchy. Keep air-tight.

Decoration & Plating

1 fresh ripe sweet Prestige blackberry per plate. 1 pickled Prestige blackberry per plate (see pickled soft fruit recipe).
Rue and violet leaves.

Place the tartlet on the plate. Spray a little bit of cream behind the tartlet. Place the meringue circles and stalks into the cream. Place crumble to the side of the tartlet. Top the crumble with a fresh and a pickled blackberry to add texture and contrast in flavour. Decorate with fresh rue and violet leaves.