Strawberry calamansi pie

Jurgen Koens - Pastryclub

Cremeux of calamansi

200 g calamansi purée
70 g egg yolk
80 g whole egg
60 g sugar
2 g gelatine + 10 g water
80 g butter

Mix the calamansi purée, egg yolk, whole egg and sugar at to 84⁰C while stirring.Remove from the heat and add the soaked gelatine.Cool to 35⁰C, add the butter and blend the mixture until completely smooth. Spray into a bombemat And freeze lightly.

Strawberry juice

1 kg strawberries

Transfer the strawberries to a juicer.

Strawberry crisp

150 g dry strawberry pulp from the juicer
15 g pasteurised egg white

Mix the ingredients. Spread the mixture across a Silpat baking mat and dry at 80⁰C overnight. Keep dry.

Strawberry mousse

500 g strawberry juice
50 g Zusto (artificial sweetener)
11 g gelatine + 55 g cold water
400 g whipping cream 
25 g egg white
10 g sugar

Heat part of the strawberry juice. Dissolve the Zusto and soaked gelatine in the heated juice. Whip up the whipping cream until firm. Whip up the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar. Add the remaining juice into the juice mixture. Mix in the egg white and whipping cream with a spatula.Fill three quarters of a spiral mould with mousse and press in the cremeux. Freeze lightly.

Sablé base

300 g butter
125 g powdered sugar
5 g salt
125 g almond broyage
3.3 pcs whole egg
500 g Zeeland flour

Mix the butter, sugar, salt and broyage into a creamy mass.
Briefly mix in the egg and flour. Cool and roll out the dough. Cut circles of 8 cm diameter and bake them at 170⁰C until done.

Condensed milk glazing

120 g water
4450 g sugar
450 g glucose 
26 g gelatine + 130 g water
300 g condensed milk 
75 g Callebaut W2 White Chocolate
Red colouring

Heat the water with the sugar and glucose until the mixture becomes transparent.Dissolve the soaked gelatine in the mixture. Add the condensed milk and chocolate and blend. Colour with red colouring. Allow to rest for 24 hours.Glaze the frozen pie with glazing at 35⁰C. Place on the sablé base right away, and grate some white chocolate on top. Place in the refrigerator.


Chocolate gallet and strawberry crisp.