Strawberry pastry 2.0

Maurits van der Vooren

Tartlet dough

227 grams butter
170 grams powdered sugar
4 grams salt
57 grams almond powder
94 grams eggs
397 grams flour
5 grams vanilla

Use the KitchenAid to mix all the ingredients into a nice dough.
Place the dough in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes to make it easy to handle.
Roll out the dough into a thin sheet.
Create a round shape and place it in a tartlet mould.

Frangipane stuffing

100 grams almond powder
100 grams sugar
2 eggs
100 grams butter

Mix the almond powder with the sugar.
Add the eggs and mix in the KitchenAid at a low setting until all ingredients have been absorbed.
Add the butter and mix into the mixture at a low setting.
Spray this mixture into the tartlet mound and bake the tartlet for about 12 minutes at 155 degrees until nice and golden-brown.


350 grams milk
240 grams whipping cream
80 grams sugar
1 vanilla pod
30 grams egg yolk
27 grams custard powder
8 grams gelatine
20 grams lemon juice
70 grams yoghurt

Heat the milk, 40 grams whipping cream, 40 grams sugar and the vanilla.
Mix the custard powder, 40 grams sugar and egg yolk.
Add the custard to the cream mixture.
Prepare the custard, next add the gelatine.
Once the mixture has cooled down, add 200 grams whipping cream, lemon juice and yoghurt.

Lime merengue

100 grams egg white
200 grams sugar
100 grams powdered sugar
20 grams potato starch
5 grams lime zest

Heat the sugar with the egg white, au bain-marie, to 50 degrees. Use the KitchenAid to create a smooth mixture. Don’t make it too stiff, to keep it easy to work with.
Mix the powdered sugar, potato starch and lime zest into the egg white.
Spread the mixture onto a round-shaped mould.
Bake for 1 hour at 90 degrees.

Finishing touch

Stuff the tartlet with the custard.
Top with a generous number of prestige strawberries and finish with the lime merengue and some lime cress.