Not bigger but better

Van Beusichem Strawberries

This farm is run by Wout and Conetta van Beusichem. They prefer to focus on improving quality rather than on achieving economies of scale.

Wout van Beusichem: “We grow our strawberries intensively and focus on high production and optimum quality. We are one of 13 other greenhouse horticulturists in the province of Gelderland specialising in strawberries and who are affiliated with a registration group of LTO Glaskracht Nederland (the Dutch Horticultural Growers Association). We share our knowledge about the cultivation of strawberries and help each other develop through discussion.”

Conetta: “We are constantly engaged in improving the quality of our product. Recently, we installed a pipeline to transport water across the street. This is where our stacks of plant trays are located. We have installed an osmosis device between the pipes that improves the quality of water. This in turn also improves the flavour of our strawberries.”

Wout: “Harvesting our crops as optimally as possible is enough of a challenge to us. This is why our current scale is perfect for the time being. If we were to expand, we would no longer be able to do everything ourselves and would have less control over the quality. This is why I would draw the focus on optimising our operations. We would rather be better than bigger.”