Care and attention

Van Wijngaarden Red Currants

Eric and Ingrid van Wijngaarden grow red currants for Prestige in Schalkwijk. Their farm is not the biggest, but as a result they can offer plants grown with the greatest care.

Quality above quantity

“One of the reasons we have not decided to expand is because the surrounding land has been designated for another purpose by the municipality. However, we have turned this into an advantage. We focus on a relatively small yield, but aim to ensure that this is of the best quality possible. Quality above quantity. The higher price per kilo that we obtain guarantees the viability of our business.”

“We grade our berries by hand according to size and weight. Only when we are sure that the berries have produced enough sugars and are perfect in terms of taste and ripeness will we pick them. This is what we want to offer, and also what Prestige demands from us. The requirements Prestige imposes on quality, cultivation and packaging are extremely high, but to us they are actually our standard. Of course, you are partially dependent on the weather for the development of your crop, but we can ensure optimum conditions. The time and energy we put into our plants and the attention we pay to the soil guarantee our ability to achieve the highest possible standard of quality. The Prestige quality standard.”