Growing one product to the best of your abilities

Frijns Blueberries

Judith and Marcus Frijns grow blueberries with meticulous care and attention. Innovative and with only one goal: achieving the highest standard of quality.

Marcus Frijns: “We are only a small company, so if we want to retain our proverbial license to operate, we need to be able to supply our product at Prestige level. In 1998 I was among the first to start using the container cultivation method to grow berries. I had an opportunity to buy blueberry plants that were in full production, but I had no land to plant them on. We ended up growing them in containers and that actually produced such good results that we never stopped growing them this way. Today, three-quarters of our crops are grown in containers. I am constantly engaged in new developments, such as new varieties for cultivation techniques. I started with the longer-term storage of blueberries at an early stage. I aim to concentrate on only one product and grow it to the best of my abilities. This is why we opted for a coarser and better-tasting blueberry variety.”